My command

Only cards beginning with are refillable. Attention cards beginners by "31" are not any more accepted in recharging.

- First puchase :

For a sending at home : the deadline of order : 10 days before the 1st day of ski.

If you collect your skipass from a vending Machine when you arrive, you can order until the last minute.

- Recharging :

You have a card of ski, you can command until the last minute.

You seized a wronf number of card, an erroneous date of ski or an error in the choice of domain, please contact STOR to or send an e-+mail at

L'achat de forfaits de ski en ligne pour les enfants de moins de 5 ans et les personnes de plus de 75 ans n'est pas possible sur notre site de vente en ligne. Ces forfaits sont disponibles uniquement en caisse et sur présentation d'un justificatif en cours de validité (carte d'identité, passeport).

My skipass

Yes, to benefit from the best price to ski.
Yes, to leave skiing without passing by cahers.

The students have to present a student card of current validity.

In case of problem or of control over the ski area, you have to present your confirmation of order.

In case of loss, destruction or theft, and subject to the presentation of the sales receipt, the ticket will be replaced for the remaining period of validity, allowance through the payment of ten Euros as processing costs.

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